Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids


Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids


There are several home remedies for hemorrhoids which are convenient

to use and are quite safe to try at home without any risk of side effects.

Some of the popular remedies which are being

used since a very long time and have proved to be quite useful in many

cases are:


1. One of the most efficient home remedies for hemorrhoids is the use of

witch hazel. All you need to do is take a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel

and then apply it on affected area just before going to bed. Daily use of

this home remedy will prove to be very beneficial in treating hemroids.

Cumin Seeds

2. Take one tablespoon of black cumin seeds and roast them. Now mix

these roasted cumin seeds with one tablespoon of unroasted black cumin

seeds. Grind them together to form a fine powder. Every day consume

half teaspoon of this powder with water to cure hemorrhoids. This is

one of the most efficient home remedies for hemorrhoids.


3. Avoid consumption of beer, coffee, cola and excessive spices as they

can cause itching while passing through the bowels and will make

your condition worse.


4. Chamomile is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be

very beneficial in treating hemorrhoids. You can consume chamomile tea

every day for better results.

Natural Supplements 

5. You can also take colon health supplements as well. Some of these

supplements that we have reviewed here, have the ability to accelerate

the healing of torn or damaged tissue. They also lubricate sensitive

passage ways to restore normal blood flow to the rectal area.

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Sesame Seeds

6. Sesame seeds are also very effective in treating hemorrhoids. All you

need to do is boil one glass of water with fifteen to twenty sesame seeds.

Strain this mixture and allow it to cool down. Daily consume this mixture

two to three times for one month.


7. Garlic and onion both have astringent properties. You can insert little

pieces of onion and garlic in your rectum to treat this ailment. On top of

that, you need to eat raw garlic every day. Garlic helps get rid of

inflammation, and hemroids are inflammation in the rectum.


Vitamin E

8. Take a large capsule of vitamin E and then pierce it with a pin. Now

extract vitamin E out of it and apply it on the affected region. Regular use

of this natural remedy will be pretty effective in treating hemroids.

Milk And Honey

9. Every night before going to drink a glass of warm milk with honey. This

will make it easy for you to pass stools next morning.


These are some of the most efficient home remedies for hemorrhoids

which are simple to use and can use today. You can find more home

remedies here. Or you can read on the hemorrhoids cure here as well.